Sunday, March 8, 2009

Open Invitation for Tivoli Storage Manager Questions

This posting is going to serve as a placeholder for any questions you may have on Tivoli Storage Manager. Just post your question as a comment on this posting. If I can help you out, I will add a post on that comment. Be sure and leave an email address in case I need to ask for any clarification.

The posts up to this one are jsut some items that I thought might help people out. One of the things I am often called in to do is restore damaged databases. Sometimes this is doable. Other times people have not kept good database backups and some of their data is then lost. I am doing this series to give good backup strategies and will include info on the recovery step in case a database is lost.

If other topics are requested, we will leave the backup and recovery for a while and go look into those items.


  1. if i have no authority to access the client so how can i troubleshoot client backup schedule even though activity log wii not disply proper message what will you do ?

  2. Is the thread still active ?