Monday, March 2, 2009


Tivoli Storage Manager, or TSM, is in my opinion one fo the finest pieces of sodtware IBM sells. Very reliable, very flexible, very easy to use. It is one of those items that is simple to alter the configuration of on the fly and will keep running for years with only a little simple maintanence.

A little of my background. I have worked with Tivoli Storage Manager for the last 10 years in my position as a Systems Engineer for an IBM business partner. I have used it predominately as a storage repository for the Content Manager suite of document manager software products. In this poition I have had expierence deploying maintaining the TSM Server and the TSM Backup client. I have had expierence moving Tivoli servers from one machine to another, setting up server to server communication for data redundancy, and many other aspect's of TSM. I enjoy working with it and have worked past a lot of the quirks in the product (or more correctly the product documentation) over the years.

On this blog I plan on sharing some of those experiences and answering any question that may arise about Tivoli Storage Manager, the TSM Server or the TSM CLient. As an example, I just finsihed this weekend relocating the TSM server form an aging server to a brand new machine. It took about 4 hours to back up the database, copy it to the new server and restore it. In doing a test run of this backup and restore, I ran into a few of the gotchas that I remembered hitting in the past and had to try and remember how to handle them on this time around. Obviously I did it as the client is up and running very well this morning.

Tomorrow I will detail how that proces was done, step-by-step, and include th eitems that were either potential or real slow downs. Then in future days I will go over the things I am doing on the server to make it ready to work for the client for the next several years.

If you see things in any of my posts that raise questions, please be sure to ask. I want this to be an interchange between myself and you readers. Not just a lecture from me on what I have done.

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