Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Copy Storage Pools

OK, you have TSM backing up your entire enterprise.  All important data from data from the workstations and servers in your business is being efficiently stored in storage pools on a large san unit.  Each day people are restoring items that were deleted by accident or were needed after it was thought they were no longer needed.  All is going wonderfully.  Right up until a disk gets corrupted in the san.  But they are mirrored?  Guess what?  The corruption was mirrored as well. (Seen this happen).  Now you can spend days getting the affected storage pools recreated.  And since the storage was spread across multiple drives, this means a lot of the storage pools are damaged.

So what would copy storage pools do for this?  If the copy storage pools were available, the TSM system would simply get the files it was looking for from the copies and start automatically recreating the damaged files.  The copy storage pools can also be used to totally recreate any damaged storage pools.  But the main thing is that while files may be restored slightly slower, the users will never actually know that anything happened.  They will get their files restored and no one will be calling for support.

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